Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York and Connecticut.

Thank you so much for visiting, I am so glad you are here! Life can be hard, disappointing and confusing. You probably have a vision of your ideal life-and have found you just are not living it. Often the most difficult step is the first in reaching out and connecting with a therapist. Therapy gives you the chance to change things up and create a life you really want; to do this I believe a good fit between a client and therapist is vital, I would love to talk with you to see if we are a good fit to work together to achieve your goals, if not no judgement. I work from a holistic lens equally looking at the interconnection of your mental health, physical health and selfcare; your desired changes will come with gradual shifts over our time spent working together. I view therapy as a collaborative relationship between the therapist and client, always centered around you and your needs. Therapy is not a magic treatment, if you are open to doing the work together change will follow. I work with compassion to support you on your path to restoration, empowerment and fulfillment.

Do you want to improve your physical and mental health?

Do you feel anxious or depressed? 

Do you want to improve your relationship with yourself and others?

Going through life challenges is difficult and you might feel hopeless sometimes.

I’m here to help you find and use tools that will improve the quality of your life.

Together we can work on:




Postpartum depression

Alcohol and drug abuse



Health and Wellness

Life changes and adjustments: move, divorce or relationships problems, infidelity, marriage, childbirth, new children, job loss, retirement, new school/college

During our individual therapy sessions you will be able to:

Work to set and achieve individual goals 

Improve your physical and mental health

Develop new and healthy habits

Reduce and manage anxiety and depression

Gain insight into unhealthy habits contributing to your mental and physical health

Identify and target the root of behaviors you would like to change

Get back to the person you once were if you have lost your way

Achievement of sobriety/decrease in alcohol use, or use of prescription medications as prescribed

Are you ready to improve your life?

Why working with me?

I care about you, your life, and your wellness. I am here to assist you in achieving your life goals.

My goal is to work together so that you have the skills and tools to live a happy, satisfying life filled with endless possibilities.

Together we will incorporate healthy habits related to movement and diet into your daily life while addressing life struggles and looking at the connection of your mental and physical health.

I have 20 years of experience working in behavioral health both outpatient and inpatient, medical health units at hospitals, as well as psychiatric and medical emergency departments. In addition, I am certified in motivational interviewing.