A little about me...

I know from personal experience the courage it takes to walk on the road of self-discovery and healing. I am a believer that our physical health and mental health work together, for me when my mental health could use improvement usually my physical health activities, what I am eating and hydrating with (and when) and my thought patterns could also use adjustment. I enjoy carving out time daily for some movement this brings a balance to the day. I received my clinical training at a variety of psychiatric and medical settings in NY and CT including: inpatient behavioral health and medical units, outpatient settings, primary care and medical/psychiatric emergency departments. I have a masters degree in social work from Syracuse University and a masters degree in health administration with a health management focus from New York University; the majority of my clinical training and supervision took place at Upstate Medical University. I have worked with a span of populations from all walks of life who were experiencing mild to extreme behavioral health symptoms and/or substance abuse. I have experience working with the comorbidities of a mental health and a physical health diagnosis, dual diagnosis related to mental health and substance use, preventative care as well as post diagnosis of a chronic illness. 

I understand how hard it can be to navigate through life challenges alone and I’m here to help you. I’ve seen people drastically change and improve their life working on their mental health from a holistic approach and I’m here to help you get the same positive results.

I have 20 years working experience in behavioral health in a variety of settings:

  • Outpatient behavioral settings and primary care offices as a therapist.
  • Inpatient medical and behavioral health units, psychiatric and medical emergency departments.

I have spent my professional career in the area of healthcare related to behavioral health and physical health, I view mental health through a holistic lens with focus on the interconnections of physical, social and emotional health as relates to ones mental health. 

Together we’ll work on your tailored and specific needs with your goals and selfcare at the center of our work.